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 Fun with Frosty 2

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PostSubject: Fun with Frosty 2   Fun with Frosty 2 I_icon_minitime22/7/2009, 21:25

Decided to take Frosty on a little sight seeing adventure today.

Took him to Debir Court, but he didn't seem too interested, so I took him to the place where I lost part of my soul to Bayamos. For some reason, Frosty started crying and rolled right off the roof of the building and off I chased. We kept running and I was trying to stop him, but he wouldn't stop. Then it happened; he ran right into traffic and a car went SMACK into him as he rolled along. He didn't make it and turned into snow flakes right before my eyes. I found his eyes, hat, and scarf about 300 feet down the street. So sad.

Fun with Frosty 2 Screenshot_53
Fun with Frosty 2 Screenshot_54-1
Fun with Frosty 2 Screenshot_55
Fun with Frosty 2 Screenshot_56
Fun with Frosty 2 Screenshot_57
Fun with Frosty 2 Screenshot_58-1
Fun with Frosty 2 Screenshot_59-1
Fun with Frosty 2 Screenshot_60-2
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PostSubject: Re: Fun with Frosty 2   Fun with Frosty 2 I_icon_minitime22/7/2009, 22:29

i lol'd Very Happy
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Fun with Frosty 2
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