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 O Hai!

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Common Infected

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PostSubject: O Hai!   O Hai! I_icon_minitime30/7/2009, 20:29

lolcat vurshun (fur teh lulworthy)

I r like to introduce myselfz0r to those who dun't know teh feymus razmataz!

My name r azarazamataz ( I think) and I be teh secks however it comes with a price... You must all contribute to aza's flesh pot so that I may once moar devour teh secksyness of teh datadyne spirit... ( I hear it r a purple drop) NAYWAY I hope to be hazing fun with joo gaiz after MxO haz shut daown in Left fawww ded... (and mehbeh left fur ded 2)( REMM REMMMM!!!! *CHAINSAW NOISE*) NAYWAY, I be aza

English Tranlsation:

I would very much like to introduce myself to those who may not have had the pleasure of meeting me in-game on MxO.

My name is azarazamataz/S and I be the sex, however it comes with a price... You must all donate your finely selected flesh from your tender bodies to aza's skin collection pot so that I may devour it and be one with the datadyne spirit of sexyness... Anyway, I hope I have plenty (lolplenty haz been changed from bounty to plenty LOL! makes aza laugh) of fun with you guy's after MxO has been terminated in Left 4 Dead... And maybe left 4 dead 2... Anyway, I be azarazamataz

Rate me on sexyness not on respect because tbh I haz no respect for myself lolkay!?

bai bai... I hope Sy doesn't suprise buttsecks this thread...
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PostSubject: Re: O Hai!   O Hai! I_icon_minitime30/7/2009, 21:15


*pretends to read through it*


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PostSubject: Re: O Hai!   O Hai! I_icon_minitime31/7/2009, 05:38

Shocked lol Hey Aza.
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PostSubject: Re: O Hai!   O Hai! I_icon_minitime

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O Hai!
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