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PostSubject: Visions   Visions I_icon_minitime2/8/2009, 18:08

Author: Me

Date Posted: Never

Contact: Here Very Happy

I'm not at liberty to give back story for the other threads as they weren't written by me; however, I can give a little back story for my thread.

I would actually post the real story here; however, I am no longer satisfied with the strategy that I used to describe Syzgy as it seems a little bit 'god-modey' and may be too much of a stretch; it was written when I was in 11th grade, so I'm not really surprised by that. Nevertheless, two stories that were also written whilst in high school can be salvaged enough to post. I've not gone back to edit them, although one day I may. As a result of my previous dissatisfaction, I will give a sort of edited version of the back story that follows better within the constraints of the code.

Syzgy was originally an assassin for Zion, but ultimately the Merovingian set a trap for Syzgy's crew resulting in the deaths of Syzgy's crew members and his own infection (within the simulation) with a virus called Nemesis (named after the Cradle of Filth song, not the huge killing machine thingy). This virus causes certain corruptions on the RSI of an infected human that ultimately begins to cause extreme discomfort when jacking out and causes a temporary sort of brain washing. Syzgy's body in the real was picked up by Merovingian operatives where it was to remain plugged in to prevent extreme discomfort. Syzgy worked for the merv for a while, but during a mandatory disconnect (to prevent permanent side effects from being jacked in too long), Syzgy escaped the hovercraft Immortal Shell and was picked up by a sentinel and taken to the Machine hovercraft The Trust. This was part of a plan that was arrange in secret between Syzgy and the Machines after the Machines found deciphered the encryption around the Nemesis code, which would allow them to delete the code that had now integrated itself with Syzgy's mind resulting in his death. The temporary brainwashing wore off several months before Syzgy's first encounter with the Machines, but further progressing integration with Syzgy's mind has caused unforeseen side effects on Syzgy's psyche.

Now I present the two usable stories that still fit in rather well with this newly editted, slightly more believable account of Syzgy's life leading up to Spring 2007.


Syzgy awoke suddenly to a terrible ringing in his head, slightly shaken by his rude awakening; he was a bit disoriented until he recognized some of the stuff in his living quarters that his girlfriend moved in. Syzgy glanced over at his girlfriend, who was lying next to him, sound asleep. He realized as he looked down at his watch that he must be the only one hearing this horrible noise in the dead silence within the Matrix that only comes when it is nearing five AM. As Syzgy looked at his watch in the morning darkness, he removed his earpiece thinking that is where the sound was coming from, but he found no relief. He thought about just leaving his earpiece behind as he went outside for some fresh air and possible relief from this noise, but then figured if his girlfriend awoke to an earpiece but no one wearing it, she may become alarmed, so Syzgy refrained.

Syzgy stood up from the bed him and his girlfriend were lying in and quickly yet quietly got dressed. Once he was ready he slowly opened the dark solid door and stepped outside, before shutting the door he blew a kiss to his girlfriend then quietly shut the door and locked it before walking at a brisk pace down the hall in hope of relief.

By now the noise was so constant, Syzgy was almost used to its odd presence, that was, until he stepped outside. As soon as the cool morning breeze touched Syzgy’s skin, a pounding ringing within in his head began. Within this pounding ring, Syzgy could hear screams and would see brief hallucinations. Nearly doubled over in pain, Syzgy let out a short pain muffled scream. He soon began seeing images of bloody corpses running through his head, then faces of people he didn’t think he knew. Next he began seeing the faces of those he cared about. These images cycled about Syzgy’s head for what felt like hours until the faces of those he cared about began to fade away and then he began recognizing these mystery faces. Syzgy realized what he was seeing, those he killed, haunting him and those he cared about, leaving him forever.

After coming to this horrifying realization Syzgy opened his eyes and then felt no pain, although he knew it was there. His eyes began to turn black and an odd burning sensation formed as black code began pouring out of Syzgy’s eyes. Syzgy began to remember he was in Hampton Green, outside of his apartment. Seconds later he fell into a trancelike state and began running to Edgewater.

On his way to the Edgewater docks, Syzgy removed his earpiece and threw it into a trash can. Several minutes later Syzgy arrived at the docks of Edgewater, but was ambushed by exiles going by the name of Wharf Rats. Syzgy did not produce his Dual FM-1500s but rather tore his adversaries apart with his bare hands. Amazed by this new found strength, Syzgy paused a minute, as it began to rain. Syzgy ran through the dock after dock until he found the one he was looking for. Before coming to the very end of the dock, Syzgy thwarted one last ambush, blood could be found all over the small area around Syzgy. He walked to the very edge of the dock and looked up at the suspension bridge that was no clear in his line of sight. As a bolt of lightning flashed across the sky, Syzgy saw the silhouette of someone standing on the bridge looking down at him. Right as another lightning bolt flashed across the sky, a terrible burning overcame Syzgy as he became surrounded by slightly pellucid blood red flames. Another bolt flashed through the sky just after Syzgy saw a sight that horrified him beyond belief, the figure on the bridge burst into towering inferno of blue flames. It was at this time Syzgy realized this was no ordinary person but rather the Nemesis’ nemesis. Just as Syzgy prepared to hyperjump to the bridge he heard the ringing again and felt a slight shaking. Soon the ringing grew so loud Syzgy could feel the ringing in every fiber of his being. Just as Syzgy made a great leap to the bridge he awoke to the sound of an alarm clock and his girlfriend trying to wake him.
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PostSubject: Re: Visions   Visions I_icon_minitime2/8/2009, 18:23


"Who am I....What is this pla....Where a...Get me outta he...What's happening to m...Will I ever make it outta thi....When is this all gonna en....Someone make this sto....Who are yo.....HELP M....." Syzgy heard the sound of breaking bones as he hit the ground after jumping from the roof of the Government Building. The grotesque sound of breaking code woke Syzgy from his nightmare. He found himself covered in sweat with his girlfriend comforting him.
"Yeah. This time I actually hit the ground."
"What do you think these visions mean? More importantly what's causing them and how do we stop it?"
"I don't know what they mean to be perfectly honest with you. As for what's causing them....Nemesis is causing them..."
"How can we stop them?"
"We can't, Nemesis has to finish whatever it's trying to do before they stop, and even then I don't know if they'll go away for good.........I'm...I'm gonna go for a little walk to get some fresh air."
"Call me if you have anymore hallucinations."
Syzgy shut the door behind him and walked quickly down the hall, toward the elevator. Syzgy starred at the elevator door in a daze until it reached the bottom floor. As the elevator reached the bottom floor there was, for a brief second, an emptiness within Syzgy, a lack of emotion and feeling. As the door opened, Syzgy saw the long corridor leading to the street; as Syzgy walked forward it suddenly turned pitch black for a brief moment then the lights came back on. Syzgy continued down the hall feeling the hair on the back of his neck standing up; suddenly Syzgy heard a voice from behind him, as he turned around all he could see was a dark empty hallway looking back at him.
Syzgy made it to the door after what seemed like an hour long journey, upon opening the door he realized he had forgotten his weapons upstairs. Unable to go back due to his fear brought on by the Nemesis Virus, Syzgy continued on his way. Before long, Syzgy reached a hardline, that he took to Park East, he walked around for a bit hearing only the footsteps of the White Security guards and his own. At this time, Syzgy couldn't see the White Security guards because it was so dark, but he knew they could see him as he passed streetlight after streetlight; despite his inability to see them, he knew they were there and this brought slight comfort to Syzgy's weary mind. Syzgy soon approached the Government Building, he looked up to where he thought it was, finding it odd that no lights would be on at this time, it was at this moment that panic filled Syzgy's mind; all the sounds made by the White Security guards disappeared.
Syzgy knew something wasn't right when he heard the silence, a chill went up and down his spine; the urge to run to the Government Building was so immense he could not resist. Syzgy felt his legs moving him full speed to the lobby of the Government Building, he was greeted by a guard free complex and the same mysterious darkness that he saw in the corridor, the kind of darkness that chills ones very soul, in this case the chill was felt where Syzgy's soul used to be, that is, before Nemesis. As Syzgy stood waiting for the elevator his mouth began spitting out words and phrases uncontrollably, the words became sentences and the sentences manifested into many different voices within Syzgy's head. Finally the elevator door opened causing Syzgy to snap out of his mindless babbling long enough to enter the elevator and press the button for floor eighty.
As the elevator rose Syzgy saw lights flashing in front of his eyes sometimes during these flashes Syzgy would see people without faces rushing toward him. When the elevator door opened on floor eighty, Syzgy burst out of the elevator and headed for the stairwell access door to his left and saw people with no faces chasing after him from the door to his right. While Syzgy ran up the stairs with the faceless people behind him, he began babbling again; he kicked down the door leading to the roof and ran across the roof looking for a way to escape his assailants.
"Who am I....What is this pla....Where a....Get me outta he....What's happening to m....Will I ever make it outta thi...When is this all gonna en....Someone make this sto....Who are yo....HELP M...." The voices inside Syzgy's head said as he jumped off the roof of the Government Building.
Syzgy awoke in a place he hadn't see in an exceptionally long time. As he looked up at the ceiling of the Machine construct, he felt the comfort of the hospital like bed he was in then felt the presence of his girlfriend. An Agent leaned over the bed into Syzgy's field of vision and told him what had happened. He had had a severe schizophrenic episode, caused by the Nemesis Virus. The agent also told Syzgy of the Nemesis Virus' intentions by causing this episode; it was a host rejection test, to see if its host could live through mental breakdown in conjunction with physical breakdown, Syzgy’s real body was being destroyed by the virus willing it through his mind.
"You were very lucky to have made it out of this ordeal alive, Mr. Ramone. Your body is being backed up into a newly encoded format by the virus so that your mind will not die when your body is completely destroyed by the virus. We cannot accurately predict the risks associated with this process because a large amount of the research regarding Nemesis were destroyed after you left the Merovingian’s organization. We expect that you will experience increasing psychological instability at least until the re-encoding is completed. After this process is completed, you will exist only within the code the Matrix. You will be kept under a close eye in the coming months and will be tested for increased psychological trauma; should more signs of instability arise, you will be placed in a holding stasis until the re-encoding process is completed."
Syzgy looked at the agent, then looked at the concerned face of his girlfriend and fell asleep.

“How long do you think it will take for him to be re-encoded?”

“6 months.”

“Can we expect a loss in efficiency?”


“What about an increased probability of code corruption?”

“It is expected. Nemesis is an anomaly created by a rogue program. Imperfections are inevitable.”

“What will be the best course of action at that point?”


“How long?”

“The pattern of previous events leads to a determination of 2.4 years until deletion is necessary.”
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