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 Understanding the Report Button

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PostSubject: Understanding the Report Button   Understanding the Report Button I_icon_minitime4/8/2009, 09:07

How to create a report:

When you click the report button located on top right of any post Understanding the Report Button Report10 you are
redirected to a new page where you will write the report.
Understanding the Report Button Report11

It isn't necessary to write an essay but the more information you can give us, the easier it will
be for us to determine what (if any) rules have been broken so we can act on your concerns.

Here is a short summary which will help us to moderate efficiently:


* Do write a brief, descriptive statement of why you are reporting a post.
* Do try to remain constructive and neutral in your wording.


* Do not abuse the report function. Using the report feature to harass the Moderators is not acceptable forum use,
and users doing so will be dealt with accordingly.
* Do not use it to harass other players. You should not report posts just because you don't agree with someone.
* Do not report multiple posts in the same thread. It is unnecessary and just spams our mailbox. We usually have
a look at the entire thread and then decide what kind of action to take.
* Do not participate in bad behavior or engage in 'fanning the flames' within the reported thread. If someone steps
out of line, report their post and then move on. The phrase "two wrongs don't make a right" definitely applies here.

It may take us some time when looking through reports that have been sent.

We are more than happy as well for you to use the report button for one of your posts to be moved to another topic area,
if you would like it to be locked or have a Sticky put on your post within reason. Or if you wish you may PM us.
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Understanding the Report Button
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