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PostSubject: Japanimation Central   Japanimation Central I_icon_minitime6/8/2009, 14:31

Was debating where to put this and ultimately decided here would be best since anime is art, after all.

So epy's GITS post got me thinking that we needed a thread for Japanese animation inclined (anime or manga), so here it is. List or discuss favs, talk about on-going animes/mangas, or w/e else.

Might I also direct your attention to a helpful little site that can be used for keeping track of anime and manga. http://myanimelist.net/ here you can keep track of what episode you're on, add ratings, keep track of what you want to watch, what you've already watched, make recommendations, join clubs, and a few other things.

Here's my list - http://myanimelist.net/profile/Syzgy

Guess I should add this too: If you're going to discuss the plot of an anime using what may be seen as spoilers, please label it so at the beginning of your post then make a gap. That way people who haven't seen the show/episode won't have the dramatic plot twist that so and so is actually a chick
(or Gohan got caught in the janitor's room with Vegeta) ruined for them.
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