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 The Datamine Event by DataDyne

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The Datamine Event by DataDyne Empty
PostSubject: The Datamine Event by DataDyne   The Datamine Event by DataDyne I_icon_minitime26/4/2009, 10:23

Finally got off my arse and fine tuned the DM event a bit. Just posting an 80% complete summary as i'm waiting on Virrago getting back to me if he can get involved in a way. All the players love Virrago!

Welcome to the Jungle.

Datamine. Until now it has been where the rich and poor go to boost their money or kill for some bubblegum. On April 15th it will become
'The Devils Playground' when countless Zionites, Machines and Merovingians will enter Datamine in one pursuit only: An estimate bounty totalling near 400 mill.
Some may run with a wolfpac in this jungle... Some may walk alone in pursuit of sole glory... some might enter just for the love of the hunt
and the thrill of the kill... But when the dust clears from all the gun smoke and the sound goes silent from the screams... One... Will be
King of the Jungle.

First act: 'Welcome to the Jungle'

Two (or one) luggables. 60 mins. A scramble for the win.


Two (or one) luggables in Datamine. 60 minute time limit. The top two (or one) people who hold the luggables in that amount of time share the top prize.
Anything goes that means any pill, any dirty tactic you wanna use, any loadout you wish, even Hyperjump! all in the bid to hold on to the luggy for the precious loot received to the winners.

Second Act: 'King of the Jungle'.


The battle moves to an *insert location* with one luggy left. 10 minute time limit. Whoever ends up with the luggy at the end of it gets a cash sum.
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The Datamine Event by DataDyne
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