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 What makes you like Nvidia more then ATI? Or ATI more then Nvidia?

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PostSubject: What makes you like Nvidia more then ATI? Or ATI more then Nvidia?   18/8/2009, 10:09

I've always wonder this, tech wise, ATI actually make more powerful cards then Nvidia, and also for a cheaper price.
Yet, loads more seem to like Nvidia then ATI, is it because AMD fans stick to ATI because ATI is AMD?
Myself, I've always gone with ATI. What made me change to Nvidia was the control center ATI give. When I had it when using my ATI 2X on crossfire, one thing what annoyed me is that you could not change anything at all. Because when in crossfire, the control center locks you out
from changing any settings. When you turn off crossfire, it lets you change settings. Even then, the settings like.. forcing AA through on your game, tripple buffing, v-syc. All the settings I tried, never worked. Ever. So I kept upgrading my control center everytime a new ATI update came out. What's ever month. What I'm sure with all the buggy drives and stuff effected my FPS in games. Still no fix. I don't know what the newer control centers are like, because I no longer use ATI cards. But that's why I'm with Nvidia. Plus, you got to love all the custom things Nvidias center(s) let you do.

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PostSubject: Re: What makes you like Nvidia more then ATI? Or ATI more then Nvidia?   19/8/2009, 22:17

Well, I can't exactly get all technical like you did because honestly, I don't mess around with my video cards very much (if ever), but I would say that I favor Nvidia more simply because I've had 3 Nvidia cards that I've never had technical problems with while I've had 4 ATI cards, all of which I've had problems with. My ATI X800, that I ended up paying $500 for, melted less than a year after I bought it; I replaced it with an X700 and within a year it was on the verge of failing and having similar visual issues as the X800 did. Then I had dual X1600s running crossfire (when it worked without crashing my computer); they still work after a couple years but I think the fans are failing. The crossfire worked for a few months after I had them then after a driver update, crossfire wouldn't turn back on until a handful of driver updates and a couple years later. My Nvidia cards, two of which were integrating, ran just fine for the purposes that I used them for and I never even had any issue with updating drivers as I repeatedly did with my X800, X700 and X1600s (the final of which needed a windows reinstall to fix). And now I have an iMac, so obviously I don't (well didn't when I bought mine) have a choice. Even then though, I can't run Crysis on high or anything with it, but I probably couldn't get away with it with that single ATI HD 4850 or w/e it is either, and that doesn't really bother me much because it's been almost two months since I've played a game that needed that much power. Photoshop and everything I use on OS X has no issues with Nvidia and the previous failures I've had with ATI kind of steers me away from them unless I was really in need the power like lets say for Crysis. I must say though about Nvidia though, I do have a control center on my Bootcamped version of Windows that allows me to force AA and control quality vs. performance and some advanced options that I don't dare touch for fear of killing my logic board and having to pay $1100 to replace it, but I have no control center of any kind on OS X; however, I don't really need to force AA or anything like that, so it doesn't matter that much, I suppose.
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PostSubject: Re: What makes you like Nvidia more then ATI? Or ATI more then Nvidia?   20/8/2009, 15:55

I originally started off with Nvidia. Never had any problems with it what so ever. The I upgraded my computer and of course it came with ATI. It was ok to begin with then I started getting problems with the card, main one being with MxO and the indoor lag. Also ATI are not very good with their updates either. To me they were (are) all about power. Didn't really try to fix certain issues the cards would have on games etc and their update notes are not very user friendly at all where as Nvidia update notes are and you can understand them. So I decided to go back to Nvidia. Again I am having no problems what so ever. Plus Nvidia actually keep up to date with updates for games and actually listen to users with problems and try to fix them for you.
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PostSubject: Re: What makes you like Nvidia more then ATI? Or ATI more then Nvidia?   

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What makes you like Nvidia more then ATI? Or ATI more then Nvidia?
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