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PostSubject: Halp!   Halp! I_icon_minitime3/5/2009, 02:22

How I are do the fast leveling. Halp plox.
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PostSubject: Re: Halp!   Halp! I_icon_minitime3/5/2009, 15:35

Make sure you do all of the welcome missions for the Machine org and do some of the standard missions so that you can get your rep up.
Archive missions are probably the best way to go to get good XP from. You can go the the Archivist at Midian West for Machines, Apollyon North West for Mervs and Moriah East for Zions. Just look for a picture of a book on your map and go the the Proxy Archivist and buy a mission for example like Machine 5.1.

Another good thing is you can team up with players around your level so you can help each other to do missions. It also helps so that you can complete them much quicker. Also team up with a level 50 they give double the XP. I'm sure someone would be willing to help you with them.

One of us will also help you out to get all the Hardlines in the Matrix and get Access Nodes for you.
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PostSubject: Re: Halp!   Halp! I_icon_minitime3/5/2009, 18:16

I helped him today to get all his Downtown hardlines, what gave him one level. Yay! Also, when you're level 45+ go into an Archive called 'Zero-one.' Kill the Zero-One Robots there (NPCs) and they drop loot, what you can trade it at Creston downtown for XP and $info. Also you can do the same with the Corrupted Quest; at any level. But however, them NPCs are hard to beat--kinda. So I'd not try that unless you have a lot of HP pills.

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PostSubject: Re: Halp!   Halp! I_icon_minitime

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