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 Guardian's Vestment

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Guardian's Vestment Empty
PostSubject: Guardian's Vestment   Guardian's Vestment I_icon_minitime2/4/2009, 11:51

Chopper Key Souvenir - Uriah
Brass Pentacle - Apollyon
Red Coin - Eashean
Skull and Crossbone - Moriah
Platinum Disk medallion - Kedemoth
Blood-Drinker tooth - Bathary Row
Small Hammer - Sobra Shores
Crow Feather - Stamos
ASP ID Card - Rogers Way
Tiger Claw Pendant - Murasaki
Dragon Medalion - Furihata
Flaming Phoenix - Ikebukuro
Ivory Disk - Kowloon
Silver Star Medallion - Akasaka
Eagle Pin - Creston Heights
Rats Tail - Edgewater
Hoots the Owl Bookmark - Chelsea
Gold Badge - Industry Square/Stratford Campus
Silver Badge - Park East
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Guardian's Vestment
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