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 MxO - Finally has come to an end.

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PostSubject: MxO - Finally has come to an end.   29/5/2009, 07:47

another link

For one, even though I left. Is really sad it's shutting down.
There's been a lot of fun times within the Matrix Online, from Digital Reality from New Dawn, to Technohazard.
And the best of all FoxHound. And my beloved DataDyne. I've made so many friends, yet so many enemies in this game.
How I loved Rarebit and his events, I always found all of them always so amazing and fun, and Rarebit is such a nice
guy himself. But as that post said, all good things must come to an end. MxO has had a good run, if it followed the path
of any other MMO's. I'd of been shut down the first year it started going down hill; I mean. Look at Tubla Rasa, it has like ten times
the player base MxO had, yet they shut it down. I guess, as most of us already have is time to move on and just remember MxO for
the good times that mostly FoxHound/Rarebit and his live events have given us. There is going to be an ending event. But for myself I'm not going to go to it, because I'm not a big fan of SOE lately, plus it wont be the same without Rarebit.

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PostSubject: Re: MxO - Finally has come to an end.   29/5/2009, 11:09

Yeah I agree. Nothing more to say than what Wes has put. Most of my time and memories I had was on Vector, best time for me was when I was with Ronin we were all good friends on there. Probably ended up being the biggest faction. But the most best time that I had was when I joined "FoxHound" then later DataDyne.
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MxO - Finally has come to an end.
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