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 Microsoft Windows Vista Issues and work arounds:

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PostSubject: Microsoft Windows Vista Issues and work arounds:   6/4/2009, 12:01

As I know a fair bit about the working of Vista and it's problems with The Matrix Online, I thought I'd make a thread to help
with fixes and help with other issues within Vista. Most of the fixes here will be useropt, and changing things in-game, so please
note if you change anything and your computer stops working, or something goes wrong. It's your fault, not anyones who posts in this thread.
So *use at your own risk*

One of the main things you'll notice is an shadow covering your characters face, and at night time the shadow covers the whole of your
characters face. The reason for this is because of model lighting what we can fix with either making models brighter, or darker. On how you see fit.
At night time, The Matrix Online boots up an spot light; so you can see where your character is going. By turning this off it'll help your characters face
not be covered by an whole shadow.

Now to turn off the spot light effect, you'll need to open your useropt file. Or make one. To make one you open notepade and save it as Useropts.cfg
then drop it into your Matrix Online folder.

This line to turn off the 'spot light' effect: PlayerFX_LightPool_Bright_Scale = 0

Now however, you'll still see an shadow over your characters face. Now we can get rid of this by either lighting up your models, or make it more darker.
I would say making them lighter gives off a nicer effect. This also goes into your useropt file.

For darker
modellighting_enable = 0
modellighting_ambadd_r = 0.33
modellighting_ambadd_g = 0.33
modellighting_ambadd_b = 0.33

For lighter
modellighting_enable = 1
modellighting_ambadd_r = 50
modellighting_ambadd_g = 50
modellighting_ambadd_b = 50
(best to have overbright and greenshift filters off in-game for best effect)

By doing this, you'd of removed the perma shadow over the face.

Clothes bugging my screen out on Windows Vista.

Now this is a very tricky one to fix, because diffrent types of clothes and mixing clothing items will bug out the screen,
depending on your: body type, hair type, colour type, ect. Now the clothes bugging out isn't so bad as Rarebit
changed some settings and adding in some fixes. But however, some of the bugging out the clothes will be due to character shadows.
By fixing only some of the clothes bugging out, is to turn character shadows OFF in-game.

You can do this by clicking on options in-game, then going to advanced then turning off character shadows.

There still will be some clothes what will bug out your screen, but sadly. There is no way to fix that from user-side.

Screenshots coming out blank:

To fix this, you'll have to turn OFF Anti-Alasing in-game. What is off by default Matrix Online settings.
To apply Anti-Alasing in MxO without having it on in-game, is to force it through on your GFX card what you'll
find out how to do in options. Please note: to turn off Overbright AND Greentint in your MxO's
Advanced Options for this to work.

My frame rate seems... odd?

Turn off Overbright and Greentint in The Matrix Online Advanced Settings.

My useropts settings are not working:

Run The Matrix Online in admin mode, by right clicking on the Matrix Online icon.

Post here if you want to ask any questions and i'll do my best for you.

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PostSubject: Re: Microsoft Windows Vista Issues and work arounds:   7/6/2009, 11:55

is there any way to fix this problem?

ive noticed the morpheus rsi capt with the patch makes this really bad
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PostSubject: Re: Microsoft Windows Vista Issues and work arounds:   21/6/2009, 18:52

Late responds but no there isn't away to fix that as far as I know. That is one of the problems others get with Vista.
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Level Design

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PostSubject: Re: Microsoft Windows Vista Issues and work arounds:   22/6/2009, 08:49

Yes, Cable is right. Sorry for replying so late, Syzgy. It's because of the 'texture' issues what Vista has a problem with reading. With this patch what Mathalos has done, it's using some old models what have not been updated.
So it's making things bug out more then normal.

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PostSubject: Re: Microsoft Windows Vista Issues and work arounds:   

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Microsoft Windows Vista Issues and work arounds:
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