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 How the new 'Beta Testing' will work:

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PostSubject: How the new 'Beta Testing' will work:   6/7/2009, 09:20

This is how the beta testing will now work, you can all test together on 'Barney.'
I'll most likely post when he's online for testing, as I'm on this server a lot myself. Also, he'll show on the online list on friends on steam. "Barney {QA Server}


* "How can I tell if Barney is Online?" - It shows on your main menu.
* "How comes I can't die?" God Mode will be left on only for testing reasons.
* "The Server says: Server String Error" - That means you dont have the map/up-to-date map downloaded.

This Server will also have custom set ups:

* Zombies can spawn from 30 to 120 at one time.
* Panic Events happen more offten.
* One or more Tanks, Hunters, Witches, Smokers and Boomers will spawn throughout the level.
* Guns have more of a "kick back."
* Game wont end unless ALL of the team dies, even bots.
* GM Mode will be active on the Server for testing resons.

How to give feedback!

Screenshot feedback is the best. See other threads for where to post it, also if something is found buggy. It's best if you *try* to explane how it does it, and where it is.
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How the new 'Beta Testing' will work:
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